VOID International Animation Film Festival is the most audacious animation film festival taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and for the first time ever, also online.

We envision a future that cherishes animation as the powerful storytelling tool it is in telling stories that are diverse, experimental, compelling, and that matter.


The purpose of VOID IAFF is to celebrate animation in all its forms by creating and promoting a space where storytellers connect with a broader audience.

Animation is film and is also games, VR, AR, and if you are using animation for something else, that thing as well!


Animation does something to the world. It engages emotion universally, it travels between ages, times, countries, and cultures. Where there’s a blank space, we want there to be top-quality animation. That’s why.


Shake the conscience, awake the soul, spark reflection, tickle curiosity, interrogate the status quo, trigger conversations.

Stay animated!