Lejf Marcussen Award


Jejf Marcussen (1936-2013)

Jejf Marcussen, a pioneering Danish filmmaker, was the first European to receive the prestigious Norman McLaren Heritage Award from ASIFA-Canada. Marcussen’s films have been shown at countless festivals all over the world. He worked at Danish Broadcasting Corporation) for many years, heading among other things ”The Workshop for Groundmagic”.

During VOID 2019, the Danish animation society ANIS inaugurated a new award after Lejf Marcussen, recognising animation that shows the spirit of his work, being personal, artistic and showcasing an interplay between music and imagery.

The first Lejf Marcussen Award was bestowed on digital 2D commissioned film Danse Exquise for Michelin-starred restaurant La Grenouillére, created by French experimental collective Quart Avan Poing.





Annemette’s contribution to Danish animation culture is staggering. In 1999 she founded a children’s animation festival, which was integrated into the BUSTER film festival in 2001.

Following that she became a driving force behind Project ANIMA, a mobile animation workshop that visits schools and teaches animation to the next generation. Furthermore, she has contributed a great deal of knowledge, writing a myriad of articles on animation as well as co-writing ‘Dansk tegnefilm gennem 100 år’.


In 2019 Martin Wiklund and Ulysse Lefort won The Lejf Marcussen Award for their strongly hallucinatory commercial for the Michelin-starred restaurant La Grenouillère, ‘Danse exquise’.

Wiklund has been part of Collectif Quart Avant Poing since 2009 and has co-directed ‘5 Years After The War’ which screened at Odense International Animation Film Festival.


In 2019 Ulysse Lefort and Martin Wiklund won The Lejf Marcussen Award for their strongly hallucinatory restaurant commercial for La Grenouillère, ‘Danse exquise’.

Lefort has been part of Collectif Quart Avant Poing since 2009 and has co-directed ‘5 Years After The War’ which screened at Odense International Animation Film Festival.


A freelance animator, director and illustrator as well as assistant lecturer at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Éva Katinka Bognar is a prolific creator.

Her short film ‘Hugo Bomfeldt’ competed at several festivals, winning the Prize of the Children’s Jury at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.


A veteran of the animation festival circuit, Nancy Denney-Phelps was one of the first journalists focusing on the animation in- dustry.

Besides her journalistic work, which includes a regular blog on Animation World Network, she also curates film programs, produces music for animation and consults on animation film festivals, bringing years of experience and an unparalleled knowledge.

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