Lejf Marcussen Award at VOID Animation Film Festival
Lejf Marcussen (1936-2013)

Lejf Marcussen was a famous pioneering Danish filmmaker and the first European to receive the prestigious Norman McLaren Heritage Award from ASIFA-Canada. Marcussen’s films have been shown at countless festivals all over the world. He worked at Danish Broadcasting Corporation for many years, heading among other things ”The Workshop for Groundmagic”.

During VOID 2019, the Danish Animation Society (ANIS) inaugurated a new award in memory of Lejf Marcussen. The award, which corresponds to a monetary prize of 1.000 Euro, is a recognition of animation that shows the spirit of Marcussen´s work, being it personal, artistic and showcasing an interplay between music and imagery.

The jury formed each year to choose the short film that adheres to the standards of the competition is made up of professionals from the field. You can see who sits on the jury in 2021 on the VOID 2021 tab.

Winners of the Lejf Marcussen Award

2020: Knife Hanging from a Tree by Jihee Nam

The short film is inspired by a traditional Korean expression which translates as “sour grapes.” It refers to the attitude a person adopts toward someone because that person has something the other person desires but can’t have.

2019: La Grenouillére – Danse Exquise by Quart Avan Poing

The first Lejf Marcussen Award was bestowed on digital 2D commissioned film Danse Exquise for Michelin-starred restaurant La Grenouillére, created by French experimental collective Quart Avan Poing.