VOID IAFF is more than an annual festival. Check out the events that happened outside of the festival days. We keep the spirit going all year round. We arrange plenty of special events to spread the magic of animation. From puppet making to live drawing, want you to get a taste of what is like to create animation.

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In late 2020, VOID premiered a couple of exciting new projects: VOID Conversations and VOID Microtalks. They are both deep-dives into work and process of directors that had their films shown at VOID Festival in previous years. We’re very happy to cooperate with them and to promote their work. Check them out!

past Pop-up events

VOID chats: Animating music

Where & When: Huset Bio, 30.11.2020

Join us and groove to some exciting tunes while watching cool animated videos instead of sitting on your sofa! VOID IAFF prepared an evening of some of the best animated music videos of 2020 and as a bonus invited Carina Randløv and a special guest, Niels Paridon (both film and music nerds) for a chat to put everything you see in perspective.

The chat is held in DanishFor details & tickets head to Facebook.


Where & When: Empire Bio & online on Facebook, 28-30.10.2020

Join VOID and the CBS Film Club for three days of fun and thought-provoking films, shorts and Q&As about and by women.

October 28th: Screening of Rocks in my Pockets by Signe Baumane at Empire Bio. Following the film, there will be a Q&A with the director.  

October 29th: (Online) Screening of Embraces and the Touch of Skin by Sara Koppel and the pre-premiere of a mini-documentary VOID Conversations: Sara Koppel. Following the screenings, there will be a Q&A with the director. Free event on Facebook!

October 30th: (Online) Event: “Women On and Off Screen”. It’s all about screenings of animation short films by and about women in animation – with a Friday night twist of pairing the shorts with (virgin) drinks. Following the screenings, there will be a Q&A. Free event on Facebook!

The events are held in English. For details & tickets head to Facebook.

Stop-Motion Workshop

Where & When: Absalon, 19.09.2020

Join the VOID team for a fun workshop where you can animate your own stop-motion film for an original AR poster. It´s FREE but registration is required.

“I´m not an animator, can I still join?” Hell YEAH. It´s open to everyone. Bring a friend and challenge each other. 

The event is in Danish but English speakers are welcome. For details & tickets head to Facebook.

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Jonas, 25
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"I learned about these events from Facebook and I look forward to joining. VOID always surprises me!"
Laura, 28
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