Graduation Film Shorts

117 min
Friday, January 25, 2019
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21 short films are in competition for VOID Graduation Film Award 2019. These films have been sent to the festival from the best schools of animation from all over the world. It is a group of new directors with new ideas, making their first mark in the world of animated filmmaking. Among others, you can experience ‘Bacchus’, where a young woman bored with modern life is lured into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires. And in ‘Hounds’ the life of a dog, trained to act as human, changes when a pack of hounds gathers around his house.

Fuldt program:

A Love Letter to the One I Made Up
Rachel Gutgarts,
6 min 5 sec, IL

A Table Game
Nicolás Petelski Mesón,
3 min 53 sec, EE

Alef b’Tamuz
Yael Reisfeld,
5 min 58 sec, IL

Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta,
5 min 8 sec, DK

Black Bread
Adrien Bourcier, Louise Duveau, Charlotte Thiriez, Rémi Fumery, Justin Lauridant, Massimo Partipilo, Clément Sagnier, Mariane Vanhoed,
8 min 11 sec, FR

Azucena Castillo Rangel,
3 min 53 sec, MX

Pirmin Bieri, Aira Joana, Luca Struchan, Nicolas Roth,
7 min 34 sec, CH

Christopher Masuabi,
4 min 13 sec, SA

Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen,
5 min 47 sec, IL

Love Me, Fear Me
Veronica Solomon,
6 min 6 sec, DE

Once in the Fields of Boredom
Teele Strauss,
5 min 20 sec, EE

Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez,
6 min 1 sec, DK

Somewhere Soft
Satoe Yoshinari,
4 min 57 sec, NO

Sounds Good
Sander Joon,
9 min 50 sec, EE

Simon Dauchy, Tom Delforge, Antoine Wilmot, Théo Mechref, Julien Delcroix,
3 min 16 sec, FR

Stuck in the Middle
Denis Fleurion, Etienne Bonafini, Romain Marchetti, Cécile Minaud, Julien Adoum, Léo Nezot,
5 min 50 sec, FR

The Hunter
Jari Vaara,
5 min 16 sec, JP

The Messenger
Lowe Haak,
8 min 30 sec, DK

The Voyager
João Gonzalez,
4 min 39 sec, PT

Travelogue Tel Aviv
Samuel Patthey,
6 min, CH

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