Music Video Night

75 min
Friday, February 01, 2019
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The volume is cranked and the cinema is going to be filled with amazing music. The videos are transportative experiences, perfect for broadening visual horizons and discover new music. Included in the program Jeanette Nørgaard’s mesmerizing video for Lydmor’s 五 DIM and Takuto Katayama’s video for UQiYO’s loTus. Each video establishes its own world in perfect concert with the music, creating universes that you don’t want to leave. This year the programme is complemented with two thoroughly musical shorts.

Full program:

五 DIM – Lydmor
Jeanette Nørgaard,
3 min 16 sec, DK

Paloma – CTM
Jeanette Nørgaard,
2 min 16 sec, DK

Is This Real?
Stefano Cassini,
4 min 52 sec, UK

Mad Love – Keita Sano
Ryoji Yamada,
3 min 16 sec, JP

Reer – Diogal
Francois Vogel,
4 min 10 sec FR

Lystfiskeren – Søren Lau
Sara Aunbirk,
5 min 43 sek, DK

loTus – UQiYO
Takuto Katayama,
4 min 7 sek, JP

Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me) – Sparks
Joseph Wallace,
3 min 45 sec, UK

Post Requisite – Flying Lotus
Winston Hacking,
2 min 10 sec, US

He’s got his Mother’s Hips – John Grant
Casey & Ewan,
3 min 39 sec, UK

Birdnest Hair
Matthew Hsu, Ashleigh Djokic,
4 min 20 sec, AU

Secret Soul – Ghostly Matters
Anna Degnbol,
4 min 18 sec, DK

Brett Foxwell,
18 min 28 sec, US

Yves Paradis,
10 min 19 sec, DE

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